Careers in the Business Services Industry

Business services are intangible goods that are primarily sold to organizations rather than individual consumers. Services include everything from basic utilities such as electricity, water and gas to consulting on complex topics such as business financing and top level strategy.

Companies often purchase business services for multiple reasons including cost reductions, streamlined operations, increased employee productivity and the ability to scale up or down depending on demand. The business services industry is comprised of sectors like information technology, engineering, architecture, law, marketing and staffing. In general, these businesses focus on executing industry functions, such as operations, management and customer service.

In some cases, a business-to-business service is identical to a consumer product with added features or functionality. For example, a solar panel installer may offer a business customer a customized energy solution to reduce their utility bills. However, most of the time, a business-to-business service provides unique value for the customer that cannot be replicated by a competitor or delivered in a different way.

A business-to-business service can be intangible or tangible. Intangible business services are commonly offered by consultants and firms that provide expertise for a fee. In contrast, a tangible business service is an item or product that provides value to a client such as a janitorial and cleaning service or a repairman who fixes a broken TV.

The business services sector is booming and the number of jobs in the industry is expected to increase by 2.1% annually through 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the main factors driving this growth are increased outsourcing by companies, new technologies, and changes in demographics and labor markets.

Typically, the qualifications needed for a job in the business services industry vary by sector and position. For example, in an entry-level role such as shipping or janitorial services, you can typically qualify with a high school diploma and strong work ethic. For positions such as IT technician or software engineer, a bachelor’s degree is usually required.

For many people, the idea of a career in the business services industry is appealing because of its variety of opportunities and the potential for flexible hours. Additionally, many of these positions are remote, meaning employees can work from home or other locations that have a reliable internet connection.

A good business-to-business sales team will understand that they are not talking to average consumers when they meet with a client, so they should tailor their messaging to the needs of the client. In addition, they should focus on building relationships with the client rather than promoting the company’s products or services to them.

When identifying the best partners to deliver business-to-business services, companies should consider whether their partners are capable of providing the necessary capabilities, infrastructure and security. For example, companies that are partnering with a data center should ensure the provider has the capacity to provide the business with adequate uptime and security. They should also ensure that their partners can scale up or down as necessary to meet the business’s requirements.