Strengths and Weaknesses of News


A good news source has a few qualities. First, it has content, and second, it is shareable. It can also be based on strong sources. If all these factors are met, the news source is a strong one. However, not all news sources are created equal. For example, some news sources will not share content that is highly biased. If you have a news website, you should consider ensuring the credibility of the news source.


The strength of news is reflected in the audience of news publications, which continues to increase. This audience is more engaged and willing to pay for the content. Online advertising can also be a powerful source of revenue for news publishers, but publishers must work to improve the online ad experience. One way to do this is through the Coalition for Better Ads, which has established guidelines for online ads. A new filtering feature in Google Chrome will also help publishers improve the experience for online advertisers. Online advertising will remain an important source of revenue for news publishers as long as they are aligned with consumer expectations.


The shareability of news is an important measure of the impact that a news story has on its audience. Stories that are shared widely tend to attract the most attention. For example, stories involving a coup tend to receive more shares than stories about a popular celebrity. Newsrooms can use analytics to determine the shareability of their articles and use these findings to improve the quality of their reporting.


Exclusivity in news can be a powerful strategy for PR. When a news organization offers exclusive content to a reporter, they have the opportunity to better control the story and ensure accuracy. Exclusivity also has its downsides. It can transfer power to a single journalist who may not share the organization’s priorities.

Human interest

Human interest in news is a type of news that focuses on a single individual or group and feeds the human curiosity. These stories may be factual or emotionally charged and may involve interviews with the subject.