What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a broad category that can refer to a variety of styles and trends. Some styles are short-lived, while others come back after a period of time. The evolution of a culture may give rise to new styles and designs, and new discoveries can provide the impetus to shift fashions. For instance, Europe may favor Turkish wear at one point in history, while embracing Japanese, Chinese, or other non-Western clothes at another time.

Social psychology

Fashion psychology studies the linkages between clothing styles and social values. For example, distinct clothing styles and colors are used to signify gang membership. Similarly, certain sports apparel and colors are associated with a certain sport. And some clothes are associated with social issues, as in the case of Islamic terrorism. Some of these issues have been the focus of controversy, as in the case of banning clothing associated with Islamic terrorism.


The industry of fashion is the production of clothing. Traditionally, clothing was made by hand, either in the home of the wearer, or on order from a dressmaker or tailor. As time went on, however, clothing began to be mass produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.


Dissemination in fashion has always encouraged multiple opinions. Robyne Calvert’s talk on the subject explored the dissemination of visions of dress. Ilya Parkins’ presentation on the male perspective in Britannia and Eve focused on the way fashion interferes with social order and loses men women to the changing public sphere.


Gender is a social construct that involves norms about behaviour, power, and dress. It is also a biological construct, involving chromosomes and organs. People who have mixed organs are considered intersex. The fashion industry has long been a symbol of equality, and it can also help people express their own individuality.


Globalization of fashion has impacted the fashion industry in many ways. Fashion consumers now expect more affordable clothing, and businesses cannot keep up with the demand by using local labor. Global retailers must understand consumer cultures and preferences to meet these demands.

Fast fashion

Fast fashion is a form of mass manufacturing that produces clothing in a relatively short period of time. It allows retailers to make profits quickly, and it can keep them from having to resort to markdowns. In addition, consumers benefit because fast fashion makes fashionable clothing more affordable.