What Is News?


The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is an unusual and significant event, but it was not news when it happened. You can consider facts about it to be news. It is also news when stories are told for the first time. In some cases, news can be about an event that happened weeks ago but is still relevant.

Crime and money make news

Crime and money stories tend to attract the public’s attention more than ordinary crimes. For example, people tend to read about high-profile robberies and other crimes committed by prominent criminals. Crimes committed by repeat criminals, as opposed to ordinary criminals, are also more likely to make the news.

News stories range from crime and money stories to scandals and celebrity stories. Even local news can be exciting. These types of stories grab the attention of the public and can sometimes be highly emotional. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose a news source and identify the types of headlines that make for good news.

Stories with positive overtones

A positive story in the news is one that highlights the positive aspects of a situation. These stories are usually characterized by unexpected elements, positive overtones, and extreme behaviours. These stories are a different form of news than traditional news stories, which are focused on the external factors of a story. They can be in the form of feature-length films or documentary series.

Researchers have found that stories with positive overtones are more likely to be shared on social media and by people. The findings have important implications for the way news is distributed. Since news content tends to be negative, humans are more receptive to news stories that have a positive overtone.

Stories that are familiar and local

Storytellers who write about their hometowns can make stories more interesting for young readers by focusing on the things that happen in their daily lives. Many of these stories revolve around relationships and draw on the common mishaps and triumphs of everyday life. The characters in these stories are often complex and real, and this helps young readers connect to the story.

Stories that are timely

In the news business, stories are classified by their seriousness, subject matter, and timeliness. Breaking news stories are immediate, while feature stories have a longer timeline. Some stories focus on a particular event, while others examine the personalities behind it. Timely stories can be funny or tragic, depending on the context.