What Is Newsworthy?


News is a kind of information that tells about events in the world. It may include anything from a natural disaster to the breaking of a political scandal. The information provided in a news story is usually current, meaning that it takes place within a short timeframe from the date of the article. The content of a news story is also generally factual, although it can contain some opinions or analysis as well. The writing style of a news article can vary depending on the target audience. For example, an article on a local school function will likely be read by parents and teachers, whereas a piece on zoning laws will be of interest to developers and business owners.

Most of the things that happen in a society will be newsworthy to some extent. However, what is newsworthy depends on the culture and value systems of the people in a society. For example, in one culture, a man killing another person is newsworthy. In other cultures, it is not. In order to be newsworthy, a story must be unusual, interesting and significant. In addition, it must be new. A story that happened a week ago is not newsworthy because it is old news. New news is what makes up the bulk of a newspaper or television show’s content.

The best way to determine what is newsworthy is to listen or watch what other people are saying. This is why public opinion polls are so important. In the past, the most popular news stories were about wars and politics, but today’s newspaper headlines are more often about celebrity scandals or natural disasters.

Some of the main categories for news include:

Weather: This is always a source of interest, especially when it is extreme or unusual. The forecast, the effects of a storm and the changes in climate are all topics for news articles.

Money: Whether it is how rich or poor people are, the fortunes of famous individuals or the business dealings of corporate giants, money news makes good reading. People are also interested in how government finances work, including the state of debt and deficits, taxes, spending, budgets and foreign currency exchange rates.

Food and drink: Keeping up with what people are eating, drinking and planning to eat or drink is newsworthy. Famines, droughts, gluts and food shortages are all news items as are celebrity diets, new restaurants and the launch of a new beverage.

Entertainment: News about music, dance, theatre, cinema and carving is of interest to many. It is also a source of interest when famous people are involved in controversies.

The first part of a news article should grab the reader’s attention by using a dramatic anecdote or a surprising fact. This is called the lede and is crucial to the success of a news article. A good lead will make readers want to continue reading and sharing the story.